As a part of my summer design internship at Thrive, I had the opportunity to work directly with clients alongside the associate creative director. For this branding project, we designed a logo for a local coffee shop in Lonoke, Arkansas. I was able to be a part of the design process from the beginning, meeting with the client to discuss her initial needs and adapting to them as they evolved. 
Being a part of a real-world project was eye opening. Creating marks for a client, versus a class project, is entirely different. I saw the importance of communication with the client and how to offer advice and design input to create a brand that is both what the client wants and well designed. The design process and reviews with the client took up the majority of my time at Thrive, but I was able to stay on the project past the end of my internship. With each round of reviews, I learned more about presenting work and expressing intention behind each design choice. 
Thrive is first a nonprofit based in Helena, Arkansas. They focus on community development in the Delta region - a place that was once full of life and prosperity but has been left behind in the rush to urbanization. Thrive sees the potential of Helena and has seen significant positive change in the past decade. Through their programming, they have tapped into these changes to increase economic mobility with the goal of creating a global model for thriving rural communities. 
My internship opportunity was incredibly unique. While it was a remote position, I was still highly involved in both Thrive's nonprofit and agency work. I had the opportunity to visit Helena towards the end of my internship and work with the students on painting their annual mural, a highlight of the year for many. This mural works towards community beautification and ultimately pride in a town others have neglected. The experience was unforgettable and nurtured my passion for design for good.