Welcome to my Annie Leffore highlight reel... just kidding!! One of my best friends, Annie, and I just happen to take pictures together all. the. freaking. time. We push each other to explore our creativity and pursue what we are passionate about. These pictures are some of the byproducts of that.
A lot of my experience is in social media, and it's something I'm very passionate about. I find joy in curating imagery and content. Perviously, I held several design and social media internships including Riffraff, based in Fayetteville, Arkansas,  with over 200k followers. But for now, I am focusing on generating my own content without constraints through my personal accounts. Creating aesthetics is key to branding, and I get to experiment with it on a personal level everyday with the content I post. While I by no means count myself a professional photographer, I love to document my life through pictures. These are  a handful of my favorites I've taken over the years.