Impact Fashion Show and Summit is an event designed for the innovative thinkers of the fashion industry. The conference focuses on sustainability and inclusivity, providing a solutions-oriented approach to address the many complex challenges within the world of fashion. Their goal is to create an environment that is safe for people, animals, and the planet. 
The way Impact Fashion approaches the challenges at hand is innovative and future oriented. I wanted the refreshed branding to reflect this way of thinking. Ultimately the fashion industry is for everyone, no matter how they identify. While many popular brands uphold a certain image and sense of exclusivity, I wanted this mark to break the standards set for what's expected in the fashion industry. This iteration of Impact Fashion feels bold, unapologetic, and intuitive, in the same ways the event is breaking through obstacles and finding innovative solutions to navigate fast fashion. 

This moving wordmark alludes to the organic state of nature. Impact Fashion has made bold efforts contributing to a more sustainable community in the fashion industry, respecting the earth and those who inhabit it. The animation captures fluid movement, while remaining strong and firm in its message.